Prepare A Delicious Life!
  Healthy Cooking Classes
 The Conscious Cook

Private or Group Instruction for
Kids and Adults

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  Robin Glowa, HHC, AADP

  The Conscious Cook

    A Conscious Cooking 
   class is a great tasting, 
      fun way to explore
        eating well and
       feeling fantastic!

  My Clients Enjoy:

 *  Cooking with natural, healthy

 *  Preparing Healthy Snacks

 *  Understanding Food Labels

 *  Creating Tasty Menus

 *  Incorporating Herbs and  Spices

 *  Cooking for Health
     Issues :  Weight Loss, Diabetes,  
     High Blood  Pressure, Heart

 *  Making healthy food choices
     when dining out

 *  Options to reduce salt and sugar

 *  Discovering farmer's markets 
     and sources for organic, local,
     natural foods
    Discover how you can
   prepare a delicious life
      have a healthy, new
    relationship with food!

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